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12-07-2010, 05:51 AM
Originally Posted by Husnock01 View Post
Seeing as we usually have at least ONE C-Store item released with each Season launch, and there are no Playable Species/Ship Costumes on the docket (that we now of), and since these are among the most requested of uniforms, I'm willing to be they'll be released the 9th.
Also worth noting that not all C-store items make it on to the calendar, then Boom its live and in the store.

This is the uniform I'm most looking forward to though.

I previewed it on the foundry the other night and my only criticism is that the rank pips appear as part of the fabric rather than as a 3D object on top (like the combadge does). Maybe this will change prior to release.

Another thing I noticed whilst on the foundry were the full (4 pip) and fleet (5 pips) admiral ranks.