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# 42 SBP's Feature Request
12-07-2010, 10:02 AM
It's looking good! Here's my list of things to "look into" for the future:
  • A ranking system based on people's personal preferences
  • Be able to award items of no game value, this allows the ideas in the UGC Starbase to be enabled.
  • Specify pathing
  • Ability to copy/paste/move between maps
  • Ability to link multiple missions together (e.g., Make it easy for a player to find the next mission in the series)
  • Access to the physics engine so we can: Make it look as if an NPC has telekinesis, have objects float, have debris rain down, create a "balanced rock" puzzle, etc.
  • Random number generator - This will allow missions to have an unpredictable element
  • Creating/Storing variables at Mission scope based on actions performed, events triggered, or random numbers generated so they can be used to affect later actions
  • Add emotes to dialog options
  • Add ability to have BOs execute skills as a part of the storyline ( (e.g., have the doctor rez an NPC, Engineer to fabricate something, take cover behind a boulder [really good for cut scenes])
  • Have a spell checker and possibly a grammar checker
  • Be able to determine Player/BO Gender, faction, Race, Profession, Rank, Skills, Accolades
  • Detect time passed, either to trigger an event or as a quest time limit.
  • Start a timer that will trigger an event, Place a countdown timer on the PCs display Or have a computer voice provide a countdown (good for self-destructs)
  • Missions that can be marked as "holosuite", which means they can only be played at a holosuite, sold on the exchange, but do not generate rewards or grant experience.
  • Holosuite missions should allow content and NPCs from any Star Trek Era (e.g., Kirk/Spock/Enterprise) and be able to build missions from outside the Star Trek IP (e.g., Sherlock Holmes mystery)
  • Variable and no gravity for away-missions
  • Ability for players to specify personality for BOs that can be used by designers to select appropriate actors for actions and for specific dialog tracts (ideas)
  • Ability to create PvP content.
  • Localization to support multiple languages (e.g., English, French, German)
  • Checkboxes in the mission search to indicate acceptable languages (e.g., English, German)
  • Checkbox to view unranked missions
  • A process to automatically unpublish any mission ranked a one after 60 days and ranked a two after 90 days. This will help keep only the best content in the game and remove "junk".

Conversation Editor Wish List
Star Trek is known for its rich banter between the crew and powerful dialog, the UGC tools will need an equally powerful toolset to build missions that can do the Star Trek universe proud.
  • Debugger - Ability to run through and test the dialog options
  • Branching - A PC should have choices in the dialog that they can select (e.g., a choice they pic decides if the PC goes down a diplomatic path or a combat path to resolve the mission).
  • Conditions - There may be prerequisites that must occur before a conversation can take place (e.g., a doctor BO in the party) - if the condition is not met the dialog portion should be skip-able.
  • Speaker - The speaker of the line may not always be clear at design-time, as such a speaker should identified by NPC Name, or a combination of one or more: Profession, Race, skills, frade, gender, and faction. Combinations may be additive (e.g., Female+Doctor) or subtractive (e.g., Tactical - Klingon) [Note: these features are needed mostly for sparking BO banter]
  • Emotes: When a speaker speaks a line, they should be able to do an emote.
  • Robust - The dialog system must handle conversation where the PC is attacked and needs to temporarily break off dialog by being able to return to the dialog. However the system needs to know which conversations have already completed to ensure the correct dialog choice is being made.

Cut-scene Editor
Using a variation of the /demorecord feature a designer can setup a scenario (complete with npcs running scripts) and record it. The designer can then specify any character in the recording as either an NPC, the PC, or a BO of the PC (in space the ship could be designated as the player or an NPC). When the player sees the cut-scene, those characters are replaced as appropriate. This tool would also contain an editor and commands like fade-in/fade out (or convert to an video format where external editors could be used).