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12-07-2010, 09:39 AM
Might've. Could've. Would've? It's impossible to say. The Trekkie knee-jerk reaction is to oppose it, so if you want Augments added into the game you need to present a good enough case for Cryptic to disregard that, or explain it away. That takes more than just a single line of errant speculation...

Sure enough, augments are an interesting part of the Star Trek universe. For instance, one notion I've toyed with over the years; say you never underwent any genetic sequencing of any kind, but both your parents did. Do you still get to join Starfleet, despite showing clear signs of having come from 'superior stock'? Based on what we know, the letter of Federation law doesn't forbid it. If it is Federation law at all, and not just residual regulations that got cut and paste from the Earth Starfleet charter into the Federation one when it got reformed. (Likewise we know Section 31 predates the Federation, named for a line in the Earth Starfleet charter that still exists in the Federation Starfleet charter by the 2370s. And it still appears to be operated entirely by humans.)

But none of that changes that you're not really presenting any good case. Given a choice between outwardly identical humans and superhumans, the original human race, and many alien races with it picked for stat reasons rather than lore or aesthetics, will simply fall into disuse. It'd kill variation. Though some might consider that a good thing, as the STO Federation would start to more closely resemble the make-up budget induced Homo Sapiens only club from the shows. I'm not one of those people.