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12-07-2010, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by Terral
At least they put their weapons away now. Can you imagine your diplomacy missions back when they never put their guns up?

On this topic I agree to some extent. I know there are a few missions where you are only allowed 2 BOs whereas most are 4 and the occasional none. I'd like the possibility.
On the one hand, Riker was insistent that Captain Picard almost never beam down to planet surfaces, and he certainly never did so alone (I'm sure someone will whip up an episode where Picard is alone but the point is it's an exceptionally rare occurrence.) So there's definitely precedent for not letting the captain travel alone. On the other hand, It's a different time. Starfleet's spread pretty thin so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have every captain in the world with an entourage. You could say the chance of attack is higher so that requires more security, but having an armed starship in orbit ought to be security enough.

so no BOs at all? It should be possible, I suppose, but I hope it's not common. Less than 4? Yes, definitely.
It should definitely be possible. Most of the missions I've got in mind revolve around simple admin tasks inside Federation strongholds until I think of some other type of mission I'd rather pen, so there's really no need for an away team in my missions at the moment.

Same if I make any missions on Risa. I don't want a team of goons running around spoiling the ambience lol

Obviously I'm not suggesting removing away teams altogether. Just an optional number in your map properties, which can be set anywhere between 0 and and a full team.