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12-07-2010, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Husnock01 View Post
That would **** off anyone who missed out on Tribble Test Weekend, though (myself included).
Some of the other theories I've read are that it might be given as a holiday gift or that it might be given as an anniversary gift.
Some MMOs give away things during the holidays, WoW and SWG both had items that they gave away as gifts during seasonal events.
Some MMOs give away items as anniversary gifts, SWG gave away items during their anniversary celebrations.
The last 2 times a tribble weekend was announced we knew early on that the reward was going to be a tribble buff item, yet the reward for this round of weekend testing hasn't been announced.

W/ all of these it's likely that the item would be free only for a limited time and then placed on the C-store for those that didn't qualify. The end result of this is that some will miss out and they will be upset they did, then when it's up on the C-Store SOME who got it through the event will selfishly get upset that it's become available to others for sale, even though they got it for free.

Again though, this is just speculation.