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12-07-2010, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by Splutter
For that reason, I do think the developers should seriously consider how to allow a player to save content to their PC, and from that potentially allow them a local 'archive' of editor content? (the savefile should contain the editor settings to create the object, not the object itself - thereby making it useless to hack).!
Yeah. I'd like the ability to export and import various things from a local machine. Maps, costumes, and so on. That way, they are stored server side, but, if you need them, you can load up a project, export what you need, then go to the project that needs them and import them. Something I think is a must for revisiting locations and characters, especially as they increase customization allowed within the costume editor.

For that matter, it'll also allow you to set up a space map and then make a copy of it within the same scenario, although a copy button would be simpler for that.