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12-07-2010, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by Lodar-Duggs
Very useful tutorial, this also works the opposite way for making weaker level ships etc or spawning specific ships.

Example, I was working on a story where the player comes into a battle much like the battle of Wolf 359. Unfortunately, the current Borg in the game are pathetically weak, sad post Captain Janeway.

I messed around with the different Federation Squadrons to see what will consistently spawn weaker ships that a single Borg Cube can kick the crap out of, but if you use even the Weak Starfleet Squad it may endup spawning a large enough ship that will kick the crap out of a Borg Cube. (Anticlimatic to say the least)

The Fighter Squad seemed to be the only consistent random NPC generator that created ships that the Borg could easily destroy...but a bunch of fighters is just too much Star Wars for me. A little disappointing when you want to create a theme of a desperate fight against the borg, but I digress...

Anyways, looks like you had the same thought process, long story short, I came up with a bunch of costumes, for Galaxies, Excelsiors, Mirandas, etc and gave the "fighter actors" these costumes, and specific ship names.

Now you spawn into the mission with federation ships of all classes getting popped like Balloons (like they should be) and the fight feels a little more desperate.

This is what makes Foundry so exciting,"the work arounds" I'm sure given enough time, players will use these tools in ways the Dev's never imagined.
that's a freakin awesome idea. I totally want to do something like this. Here's my question, how do you get opposing NPCs to fight each other? Will they automatically fight?