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12-07-2010, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by ComradeWolfie View Post
I'd like to thank all the service men and women who've killed unarmed citizens to maitain the sham that is freedom and democracy. Thank you for attacking third world countries for little reason other than profit and imperialism.
I didn't kill anyone while I served. Instead, I ensured that the men and women around me were trained to the best of their ability and taught just-war ethics and followed rules of engagements to protect civilians. I made sure that the Marines around me knew when not to fire just as strongly as when they knew when to do so.

By espousing an overly reductionist viewpoint, you've done no favors to end war but just further entrenched the other side from what could have been a healthy discussion. Alienating people by being a bedroom critic basking in the sweet, sweet glow of anonymity doesn't help your cause: you come off as shrill and naive - unwilling to have a serious discussion over just-war theory and how to minimize casualties. It's easy to reduce people to collective and group guilt. It's very easy to lump people into boxes with actually knowing, interviewing, or researching the issues at hand.

Next time, don't try to alienate the other side with reductive hyperbole - you just weaken your argument with ad hominem and come off sounding just as bad as the industrial-military complex.

Also, it's spelled maintain not "maitain" but apparently your opinion was so carefully researched it didn't even warrant adhering to basic rules of spelling.

I'm a USMC veteran with no love of war but also no love of hyperbole, ad hominem, and polarized dialogue that does nothing but tear groups down and make strawmen out of them for you to flame.

Great job poster, you're as bad as those who you actually intended to criticize.