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12-07-2010, 01:23 PM
They sure do fight each other, place a friendly NPC spawn beside an Enemy NPC spawn and away they go. Just a note the Borg spawn will sometimes generate more then one Borg Cube or ship, so what I had to do was drag the other "Borg Actors" way way way up to the far corner, just incase they spawn in.

As a side note Actor #1 always appears to spawn the strongest ship in a Squadron, so in this case Borg #1will be the Cube or Tactical Cube, samething works for the Federation spawns, at least what I have seen so far.

When the devs add the ability to "delete" extra Actors from Squadrons, and or make it so we can HARD script what actually spawns and its appropriate level, then this will be alot easier.

PS Dont forget to put the Fed squadron with wander true and adjust their wander speed, or they will just sit there shooting the cube without moving, I put the Cube wander on False, and the Federation Ships on wander around 25-30 so they streak around the cube much like you see in all the Trek Shows.