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Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post
First off, genetic manipulations has been outlawed by the Federation. Even in times of war, Starfleet tries to stick to its guns and only makes a rare exception. Bashir showed no signs of what I'll call the "Khan syndrome" and he was accepted as stable (although not without his quirks) and left to play doctor. There was a mission early-on in STO where you have to track down a dude that was illegally augmenting Gorn and you had to apprehend him. No compromise. There is little reason to see an Augment species in the game as it would royally unbalance it if implemented as it should be based on canon material. Even Androids and Holograms are pushing it, but those make more sense to see.

In short, if you want an Augment Human, either roll a Human or Alien and roleplay it out...If you want to play an Augment Klingon, ask for the smooth forehead option. In fact, I'd love to see a TOS Klingon setup option.
Yeah, my character is basically an augment (actually more of a subspecies but still) and I use an alien. I think that having an Augment as a species might not be a good idea, maybe as an ability (with obvious drawbacks) would be cool. Androids and Holograms aren't pushing it, as many Holograms have been shown to become sentient (The Doctor being the most noticeable) and Data might have allowed some lab (Like Dastrom) to do a scan of his internals. After 30 years, Androids might be a lot easier to create. Maybe not as developed as Mr. Data, but still a possibility.