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12-07-2010, 11:45 PM
This is great information and I wish I had this before all the learning that I had to do on my own (like typing my keybinds in for each toon )

I would like to clear up one thing.

Originally Posted by tranceaddict View Post
SPECIAL NOTE: Your bindfile MUST be located in the Live folder. The bind_load_file and bind_save_file commands ONLY look in the Live folder. You CANNOT load a bindfile from a different directory location.
This is not exactly correct. If you just want to use the filename then you are correct, but you are able to put your bind file anywhere as long as you use the complete path when saving or loading the file.

EX (this is where my bind file is):
To Load a File:

/bind_load_file C:\Users\psytce\Documents\ground.txt

this puts the file in my Documents folder, and to save the file

/bind_save_file C:\Users\psytce\Documents\ground.txt

So as long as you use the complete path to the file you can put it anywhere you like.

Once again thanks for all your work with this, it will help alot of people.