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12-08-2010, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Oh no, by all means keep new MATHed segments as part of the regular STOked program! I'm talking about a cache of videos that are just the previous MATHed segments, listed by content, that way, if someone here on the Forums asked some questions about, say, making a decent away team, we could link them to your MATHED breakdown of the perfect away team, without having to watch the rest of that episode dedicated to things which (from their point of view) have been in the game for months or even years (thinking long-term here).

And new players who get directed to and make use of your MATHed segments, watched one after the other, would be very likely to then start watching the new full episodes as they come out.

I'm talking about a library of your sagely J-Man advice, and a using MATHed as "gateway videos" to addict new STOkers!
I think she means cache as in archive or aggregation of the videos. Like having a list on your site with links to the Mathed segments and what topic they covered (a "one stop shop" solution).

Is this right, Katic?