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# 1 Destroy Target Objects
12-08-2010, 01:22 AM
Hello, i tried to find an answer here but so far i have not found it so i am asking directly.
Is it possible to place objects that need to be destroyed as a mission goal?
I am thinking of things like:
- Destroy mines in a minefield
- blow up a satelite, wreckage, that is passive and does not fire back
- defensive structure (defence satelite, starbase) that fires back

so basicaly an attackable and destroyable static object

Is that possible in foundry, or is there a trick to make something like an single "not-moving" enemy ship that does look like a satelite or something else, and does not fire back?

Oh and i have not found things like turrets, mines or minefileds in foundry. have i just missed them or are they not in?
Picking up the idea above, If there are no turrets, is it then possible to make a "not-moving" ship that looks like a turret or defence structure that then will fire back as normal? (like an asteroid that does fire back for example)