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12-08-2010, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
Have you read the part where I wrote

I am well aware that participation-only emblems from PvP lead to problems with farmers. But a team that is one man short because of a farmer is usually not going to win, thus not gaining any emblems.

Every hour I have to spend in PvE to get emblems is an hour that I am not in PvP, not healing you or killing your enemies or otherwise improving your PvP experience.
I read it, but narrowing it down to win- only is still almost as bad an idea as having it for general participation.

what about the teams where both sides work real hard at winning, and the end game difference may come down to a matter of 1-3 kills difference. this is not fair on the losing team, since they may have worked just as hard as the winning team.

the safest bet is to simnply remove them all. plus with the new R&D changes, emblem grinding will kind of become pointless, since all the emblem gear will be makeable and by the looks of it so far- available on the exchange(hopefully not for unreasonable prices. i know the items i craft will be there to undercut everyone elses)