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12-08-2010, 05:26 AM
Although I understand why people would like to have that I do not thing that this will happen or is necessary.

Dont forget: Tribel is not there for us to try out other configurations of any kind.... although we of course do that.... the original purpose of tribel is nothing but testing new game function for bugs. The stuff in C-Store, especially if it is already on Holodeck, does not need Tribel testing.

New stuff ending up later in C Store is often available for free$... I have, for example, all Klingon Retrofits on my Tribel Klingon; I purchased them when it was free (dont know if it still is or not)

I mean of course I'd like to see that.... on the other hand.... I'd like to see the C-Store disapear completly and getting all Items free... SInce I already pay enough monthly. But thats simply not the way it works.