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12-08-2010, 07:39 AM
So, with the new totals information, I can see that as long as you have one power setting set to 100, you maximize power gains from efficiency. So, a setting of 100/50/25/25 will give you the same overall power gain as 100/40/35/25, or any other valid combination of 100/*/*/*. You can of course put the 100 in any power setting you want (Weapons, Shields, Engines, Aux).

Balanced, is the worst for efficiency. Balanced seems to be around 90% (some quick checks were around 90-92%) as efficient as any of the other power presets. Which isn't horrible, but still, when you are getting over 100 total gains, which is pretty easy, that's around a loss of 8+ power point gain that you could be getting from efficiency. More than can be compensated for by a console.

Going up to 75 as your highest power setting will net you the same results as using the Balanced setting. Using 80 starts closing the gap. So, if you're trying to reach a goal of having high power in two settings, like Shields and Aux, try to keep one above 75 at least. Your still losing power when you drop your highest power setting below 100, but it's not as bad.

I mention it because it's just not what I expected.

Also, Patrician, with the new Borg Universal Console that's going to be available for Season 3, that grants a +5 bonus to weapons(?), you may want to change up the Consoles section. Plus, I've seen that there's some other stuff that grants bonus power too, like a deflector dish that gives bonus Aux (pre-order reward I think).

If you change Console, to "Equipment" and then Plasma Distribution Manifold to +Weapon Power, etc. then people would know where to account for that bonus power. If you want, I could update that too, and upload and you could check it over and share on your server. Don't forget the tooltips (Comments) too if you get around to it.