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# 1 Sector Space Mini Game
12-08-2010, 09:13 AM
Love the new sector space and was thinking of another element to make it more fun. In addition to the DSE's I thought that the addition of moving ion and plasma storms would be fun.

Imagine you are warping through sector space on your way somewhere frontier like. Suddenly an ion or plasma storm appears and moves in your direction drawing you in. Using the same mechanics as was used in the lastest episodes (Devidians) to travel back in time, you have to safely travel through the ion or plasma storm and exit safely on the other side.

If you fail, your ship is badly damaged and you exit the storm and must make repairs while you continue your travels. If you make it through, you go unscathed and get some skill points, or an emblem or something.

To add different elements to this, there could be a ship in travel through the storm, beam the people off the ship and travel back again.

There could be one or two plasma and ion storms in each sector block which would travel around.

Just a thought!