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12-08-2010, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
I think she means cache as in archive or aggregation of the videos. Like having a list on your site with links to the Mathed segments and what topic they covered (a "one stop shop" solution).

Is this right, Katic?
Pretty much, I imagine every new MATHed segment getting added to a MATHed archive a week or so after it debuts as part of a regular STOked episode. Standalone clips of MATHed separate from the full episodes, collected for quick reference.

That way, if you want the newest MATH, you watch the episodes as they come out, but if you're new to the game, and, say, you want to figure out which Torpedos you should plan ahead to use? Then, you can watch just the MATHed segment from episode 48 without having to hear about an old Engineering report, old Captain Bios, or the hire of Jesse Heinig.

It's the best of both worlds, encouragement for people to become weekly STOkers, and the best resource for STO data gets archived for reference and posterity.

I know that whenever I hit the cap with a character, I always go back and watch as many of the MATHed episodes as I can, and plan out a full respec and Boff recruitment & training session to maximize that characters potential. I have the proper episodes bookmarked, but newbies should be able to just hit an archive without having to hunt them down or sit through old reviews/previews which may or may not apply anymore.

For example: Say I wanted to check out the tutoriol on Ship Shields, that's in Episode 36, well, I'd have to fast forward through Accolade system stuff, the out-of-game chat conversation because it's old news, and the conversations on the heals which I don't really need, I've been living with it for awhile now, just to get to the MATHed segment. It would be easier, and more likely to hook new viewers, if that MATHed segment was archived in a MATHed list separate from the rest of the episodes. Don't get me wrong, keep the full episodes archived as well, I'm talking about a "best-of MATHed" archive.