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12-08-2010, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Borticus View Post
I really do like the idea. I just have no time to put such a thing together.

It's more than just snipping the beginning and end off the shows around the segment. It also means watching every old episode, coming up with a website & hosting solution, uploading every one of those newly-edited segments, creating/updating still photos to be used as icons...

The list goes on & on. I couldn't even half-ass it on my current time budget.

But as I said - if someone out there wanted to utilize my MATH content in a community project that was something along these lines, I'd endorse it and point folks to it. Long as you don't charge for it or anything.
What about lists to just the full episode link (i.e. no splicing) and mention what mathed topic is in that full link?

Alternatively, someone like me with nothing to do during winter break could compile list of which episode numbers and which time codes? (and thank goodness for show notes)