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12-08-2010, 12:26 PM
Voted positively for STO on all occasions bar one, the "Best Crafting" one.
Yeah i know there are improvements on the way but even with what I've read about these, to me a least, I think its still sub par. An apt metifore for this would be, you can pour glitter on a t*rd for as long as you want, but at the end of day your still just gonna have a glittery t*rd! (Sorry for the crudeness of this, but that's how i feel about the current crafting system and its latest glittery improvements).
Star Wars Galaxies got it spot on and that was made nearly a decade ago, it's system has still not been beaten and is widely regarded as THE benchmark for all MMO Crafting systems. If they could only emulate or just plain steal some of this system then they would be on a winner. Crafting was an enjoyable and rewarding experience in SWG, I miss it dearly.
<Insert NGE Grumble here>

That aside, a good mate of mine from Lord of the Rings Online a year a go gave me a Trial Key for STO's Open Beta with the words "its good but not great, it does have loads of potential though", after trying the game for a little while I was forced to agree. I can say now, a year later that even then I underestimated the potential STO had, the quality and depth of the game's improvments in this past year has blown me away. Its a testiment to all the hard work of the guys at Cryptic!
STO has come on leaps and bounds and in a cheesy way I actually kinda feel proud that I stuck with it and have been along for the ride!

Well done guys, I hope you win!
(sort that crafting out tho )