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12-08-2010, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Does anybody else realize that with the crafting changes taking place tomorrow afternoon that today & tomorrow morning is our last chance to max out crafting as-is?

Considering that those with max crafting skills now retain that level of crafting with the changes, and that leveling your crafting skill is easier now, is anybody other then me going to make a mad dash to Memory Alpha to max out today in order to be maxed tomorrow?

I mean, sure, right now, you need to have base items (pfft, conveniently available at Memory Alpha), but crafting a bunch of schematics is going to be costly in low-level anomalies tomorrow. So you're going to have a crap-ton of red anomalies tomorrow to make it through the Schematics and the low-level items.

I for one am getting it out of the way today.
Don't worry, when Season 4 hits (if what the Devs are saying) you'll have more crafting work to do then)

One nice thing - Anomoly Stacks nowmax at 250 (on Tribble); and the drop rate and what drops where have been reworked so that the type of drops more closely match the level of the system you're in - so if you need low/Red stuff ---> Delta Volanis, etc. Also, the rare/unique anomolies are now non bound and drop a bit more too.

They finally have crafting to a point where I might start using it after season 3 hits; and I like where they plan to take the crafting system (Based on what DStahl says he wabnts to do for the Crafting system with Season 4).