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12-08-2010, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by Alnilam
I've got a question - and I apologize if the answer is obvious to some...

I've been stockpiling mats for a few months and have not really been crafting anything at all. Am I, and those like me (fellow pack-rats), who never really sold or used crafting materials, protected from the general sense of panic and rush to max crafting before the update? Normally, I wouldn't worry much, but then again I am reminded of sudden changes to in-game items - for example, prototype consoles.

Also, could someone be kind enough to link that developer thread with the memory alpha changes for the sleep-deprived/lazy/etc?
Here's the notes on the last update to Tribble, this is what can be expected to go live tomorrow:

Originally Posted by Salami_Inferno
  • Based on Tribble Feedback, the old specialization trees have been replaced by putting everything into General Research up to Rare Mark 10. Any skill you had previously invested into Energy Fields, Physical Science, and Technical R&D will be translated into General Research when this update goes to Holodeck up to a maximum skill of 1500. If you had 500 General Skill, you will still have 500 general skill. If you had 500 General and 500 Energy Fields, and 500 Adv. Energy Fields, you will now have 1500 General. If you had maxed out everything, you will now have 1500. If you had 500 in General, and 350 in Energy Fields, and 200 in Physical Science, you will now have 1050 in General Research. *This allows all players to retain their existing progress without losing access to any recipes.*
  • In addition, the crafting UI has been organized into 4 specific tabs: Personal Equipment, Starship Weapons, Starship Components, and Schematics.
  • Within each tab, the drop down filter now properly narrows the display down to the select filter.
  • New Advanced Research Fields for building Very Rare MK 10 and above items will be added in a future update coming soon.
  • The Research UI now shows the new Research progress value.
  • Selecting Show All in the Filter list no longer prevents any items from showing.
*This is what gives the advantage to crafting now, rather than after it goes live with Season 3 tomorrow.