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12-08-2010, 03:07 PM
Alright, I went ahead and made the changes mentioned above to the Consoles section and tweaked the UI adding a Radio button for Efficient Captain and Joined Trill, so you can easily switch between the two if you're trying to decide on which traits/race for a new character. I also added a checkbox to the Efficient Engines option, the Warp Theorist trait so you can toggle them on or off with 1 click (instead of selecting the field, typing in y, and hitting enter).

Added some Data Validation too, and the Skill options can be done with a drop down, so, you can choose your skill level from 0-9 with a mouse, or just type it in like you did before. If you type in an invalid value, you get a warning. Same with the custom power fields.

The ship selection also got a drop down too, I turned off data validation on that though, as if you typed in lower case c, if gave a validation error (although your formula was okay with lower cases). So, typing in values works, as well as selecting from the drop down, but you can enter an invalid entry with no warnings.

I also changed the Efficient BO part so you just choose the number of Efficient BO's you have (0 to 5). Just a few less clicks to get what you want. If you type in a value above 5 though, you get a warning.

Moved Custom 1 to above Custom 2, as one of the columns it was using was resized, and Custom 1 and 2 were different widths which looked clunky. This also gives some space under the Misc area to add specific devices so they are only 1 click to toggle. Although, I noticed that the Efficient engine is integrated into the big math formula unfortunately, so it might be nicer to pull it out of there at some point and put it into the Ship bonus section so the big formula doesn't have to be modified if we want to add something under Misc.

I checked quite a few times to make sure I didn't break any of the maths.

I've also updated the About... section with the changes I've made.

EDIT: Had Efficient bonus set to 15, set it back to 10 (I thought it was 15, but don't have any confirmation handy).

EDIT: Just as a note, I'm mainly tweaking the spreadsheet with options I'd like to see added and just making it available to Patrician so he can check them out and use them, or not, as well as anyone else who might like the changes. This is not an official version by Patrician, this is just my tweaks as a fan of his work.

EDIT: Fixed the link so now it points to version b, which has the UI tweaks, had the link to version a which only had the addition of Total Raw Power gains.

EDIT: Okay, added the checkbox for Efficient Engines but forgot to modify the logic so it was added in. New upload now works.