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12-08-2010, 03:50 PM
I have a Nebula. Nebula as a cloak hunter is a complete fail. The TachGrid ability lasts for a seconds and have unrealistically long cooldown. On the other hand, you can face up to 8-10 klingon ships at a time and more than half of them will have cloak. Cloak has UNLIMITED DURATION and 10 second cooldown. Are you kidding me? How's that supposed to be a cloak hunter?

Maybe the dev should thinking about balancing cloak/anti-cloak abilities, from a practical point of view.

Every time I play pvp against Klingon, regardless winning/losing, I question whether or not the devs actually play in pvp so they can get a feel of what actual happens.

I'm ok with the approach of not letting all Feds just get cloak and call it balanced. But currently Fed has NOTHING to counter the tactical advantage of Klingon cloak. Can you hear me? Klingons always have the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE!! This is called UNFAIR. It doesn't matter if I win/lose, or if some fed players just go afk in pvp matches, it's fundamentally unfair.

It's not Fed player's fault that they don't try hard in pvp. The Devs bare just as much responsibility for killing FvK pvp.

I'm not even going to start with Klingon carriers (I actually named my kilngon carrier the IKS Lag Generator). Klingon carriers is a pretty bad idea to start with, I'm not sure if the solution is to have Fed carriers (more of the same bad thing).

If the Devs are not aware, in the 21st century, radars/satellites designed to detect incoming enemies, are on 24/7!!! Surprise? I'm sure you are
(and don't even mention stealth fighters, I'm not remotely considering to acknowledge the Klingons are the USAF and the Feds are the Democratic Republic of Congo air force)