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12-08-2010, 04:59 PM
I'd like to see a minigame with the current DSE contacts. Where currently if they are the same level as you (or higher) they just suck you in and ignore you otherwise, instead I'd like to see a minigame where if you cross paths with one of these contacts, you get a prompt to drop out of warp and engage them or perform evasive maneuvers to get away. Difficulty of the minigame could be based on the level of the DSE. Failure of the minigame means you get pulled into the DSE as normal.

Only problem is, I have no idea what form the 'evasive maneuvers' game could take. I'd imagine some sort of "Spy Hunter" type game where you have to fly a path and dodge obstacles, whether they are objects in your path or projectiles or warp inhibitor fields fired from pursuiing craft. Perhaps you can have some limited countermeasures against the pursuers as well (mayhaps even a craftable consumable?)