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12-08-2010, 08:52 PM
Great episode as always; I've been watching you guys for a while now.

However, I suspected when you said you were starting (restarting heh) your klingons you'll both get terribly bored with it.

Yes, there's not much PvE content like the Feds get. There's mind numbingly boring "take out x borg devices!" missions where you can't scan for the devices because tricorders can't work with destructible objects (lol). There's a lot of shallow pve monster play with the empire defense missions that -while fun- soon become chores.

However, most klingons who leveled up as klingons go through that ugly grind for one thing: to kill feddie and keep killing feddie. 1001 feddies, and all I have is an hour. No no, not NPC feddies, I mean Chuck feddie, Fred feddie, Tracy feddie, and Jane feddie. And their feddie pets. Bonus points are awarded for killing any feddie with names like "Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Riker, Ensign Ricky (jk, Ricky's the man!) etc.

Yes, we're few in numbers. Yes, we feel like we're 2nd class STO citizens. But it's very very satisfying to see your whole team instinctively focus firing on that hapless Defiant "hero" ship and toasting him in under 2.5 seconds. All because he chose to decloak first and began firing on our carrier or orion cruiser that's defensively built.