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General Updates
  • Interacting with objects no longer is interrupted by moving the camera.
  • Angle of attack on many ships has increased to a 60 degree angle, up from 45 degrees allowing for more vertical maneuvering in starship flight.
  • Traffic controllers (The ones who contact you when crossing between sector borders) have been replaced by your Bridge Officers.
  • Some emotes have been turned off while in the sitting position (pushups, for example)
  • Tricorder scans now pick up destructible objects. Klingons rejoice!
  • The Area Scan range on interactive objects has been increased.
  • Objects in space no longer require you to get quite as close to them in order to interact.
  • The text for most emotes has been updated.
  • "Sitting in Chairs" tech has been implemented on your captain's chair on your bridge. Simply walk up to your chair, then click the Interact option on the right side of your screen to sit.
  • Many improvements have been made to stability and performance.

Ships and Costumes
  • Fixed several graphical issues on various ship bridges.
  • The Status Screen and Info picture of many ships has been updated.
  • Klingon characters now benefit from the 200-day veteran reward! Check your local tailor for new badass shoulder pads.
  • Some minor clipping issues with costumes / uniforms have been fixed.
  • The Seven of Nine hand attachment is now available for Off-Duty uniforms.
  • Vice Admiral pips now show on the TNG series uniforms.
  • There are no longer floating shelves on Large Layout ship interiors.
  • Klingon badges no longer clip at certain body sizes.
  • Various minor adjustments have been made to the look of various ships, including the addition of logos and striping on some ships.
  • Thanks to player feedback, the pylons on the Discovery have been adjusted so they no longer clip. In addition, they are now at about a 20 degree angle when in the "up" position, so the ship should no longer look quite as boxy in sector space.

Skills, Abilities, and Items
  • The Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Rifle now deals less Antiproton Damage to address balance concerns.
  • Sprint speed outside of combat has been adjusted to about 150% normal movement speed.
  • Outside of combat, you are now able to sprint for 30 seconds at a time, with a half-second cool-down.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of Slipstream Drive.
  • Some general fixes have been made to critter grenade turrets.
  • Tier 1-4 Klingon ship skills now more accurately explain which higher-tier ships they support.
  • Grenade turrets now properly point at an upward angle.
  • The Antiproton Mk. X Dual Beam Bank icon is now displaying correctly. It was previously displaying the Beam Array icon.
  • All non-unique Personal Shield Generators no longer bind when equipped.
  • Holo Emitters can now properly turn off in System space after being activated in Sector Space.
  • Biothermal Dampeners are now Unique.
  • The Enhanced Cloak on the B'rel Retrofit now properly allows certain mission objectives to progress while cloaked.
  • Some standard Issue gear has been made available in the Replicator.
  • Mark XI and XII items have had their Energy Credit value re-appraised.
  • Terran Empire frigates that are labeled as Centaur-class or ShiKahr-class frigates will now actually be the correct class.

Visual and Sound FX
  • Borg Cubes no longer show Shield FX when fired upon.
  • Fixed an issue causing some FX particles to incorrectly disappear.
  • Fixed an issue causing all beams to fire out of the front of ships after adjusting officer assignments.
  • Sprinting animations have been reverted to previous version for the time being while the team works on the new animations for the Season 4 ground combat update.