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12-08-2010, 10:12 PM
  • The Remote Contacts (Hail) UI has undergone a major update. You may now open it via the Mission Journal (J key by default) or the Hail button on the mini-map. In preparation of the Foundry, a new tab for Community Authored Content can be chosen on the left tab. You will now see each individual mission offered to you, sorted by the name of the mission offering contact. You may switch to the Info tab for persistent reminders from certain contacts. You may turn in missions from the In Progress tab.
  • Sprint and Roll cool-downs now look different in the UI.
  • The Interaction progress bar has a maximum width; no more stretching across a widescreen monitor!
  • Buttons on the Interact bar now have a consistent width.
  • The "Click to Select" text on the Interact bar has been centered.
  • The Interact bar no longer shows when selecting an Away Team.
  • Tooltips in the Tailor / Ship Editor now use a standard delay.
  • Dropdown menus in the Tailor / Ship Editor have been widened slightly.
  • Trails no longer display in the Ship Editor.
  • The Tailor no longer visually stretches your character a little horizontally.
  • The Crafting UI can now be resized larger than its default size.
  • The Crafting UI no longer counts items in the Recycle Bin as valid for crafting.
  • Several Star Trek Online loading screens have been updated.
  • The "X" button in the upper-right of the Away Team selector now closes the window.
  • The "Exit Game" button now pops up a confirmation dialogue from the Login screen.
  • The ESC key properly closes the Assets Tab of the Inventory.
  • The Social Media menu item has been removed.
  • Ship name and location are now limited to displaying 20 characters in the Character Select screen. This fixes an issue where the ship name and location can extend out of the lower-right window.
  • Fixed an issue incorrectly preventing certain Uniform combinations from being set up in the Tailor.
  • Fixed a potential Tailor issue where certain textures would not apply.
  • Currency types no longer overlap items in stores where multiple currencies are accepted.
  • If an item reward from a mission is marked as Unique, there will be explanatory text in the tooltip.
  • Item reward text in the Mission Reward window now changes color when you hover your mouse cursor over it.
  • Clicking on any reward in the Mission Return screen will select that reward, as opposed to having to click on the radio button next to it.
  • The button that allows you to take rewards is now grayed out if you haven't selected any items.
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes in the Privacy Settings UI sometimes wouldn't display the correct value.
  • Certain Bind on Equip items purchased through vendors no longer bind when bought. They are now properly marked as Bind on Pickup.
  • When you view the Info on a ship, it will now display a thumbnail image of the selected ship.
  • The "Show Enemy Health" selection in the HUD Options UI no longer has an untranslated message.
  • The name of a player's Fleet always displays by the name in the HUD (e.g. Over the player's head or over the ship in space).
  • Mission-specific progress bars no longer overlap the name of ships, NPCs, or objects.
  • Collapsing and expanding the Dabo window now has a smoother transition.
  • The art has been adjusted for collapsible / collapsed UI (Interacts, Who, Fleet Search, Dabo).
  • Contacts with multiple options now show a unique icon on the map and mini-map.
  • Hovering your cursor over a "grip point" now correctly changes the cursor to a Resize or Move cursor.
  • Map-specific missions now properly display as "Failed" if they have indeed been failed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Injuries or Ship Damage from being healed twice in a row.
  • The outline that displays when you have some objects selected has been improved.
  • Targeting reticules are now more consistent in size.
  • A more helpful error message now displays when attempting to purchase something from the C-Store while your inventory is full, and various other states that may cause the transaction to fail.
  • In stores with multiple categories, you may now select from these categories from the left sidebar, while Buy, Sell, and Buyback compose the top bar.
  • The slider bar on Holds, Disables, etc. has been removed.
  • New loading screens have been added.
  • You may now remove the Level Bar from your UI.
  • You may now resize the Interact UI via the F12 "Rearrange" menu.
  • There have been general UI tweaks, improvements, and optimization.

  • Teams are once again auto-balanced in PvP maps.
  • Players may now choose to ignore PvP invitations.
  • When healing Shields in PvP, the healer now gets the credit instead of the one being healed.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of points required to win in a given Challenge match was unnecessarily duplicated in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where all players in the Challenge lobby showed up as Lieutenants.
  • Fixed an issue where the target score wouldn't show that it changed when changing maps in the Challenge queue.
  • On Shanty Town (PvP), if a player has the virus, a buff will display showing the amount of time it will remain. The visual effect while carrying the virus has also been updated and the map has been cleared of floating objects.
  • When queuing for PvP from the Neutral Zone and the Omega Leonis Sector, a floating message pops across the screen to confirm that you've entered the PvP queue.
  • Assimilation (PvP): There is no longer a floating object on the Klingon version.