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12-09-2010, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by Lucky_13_X
I know it may be stupid, but I am just very frustrated right now. You do not expect such things to happen. However, with this game, I am beginning to understand Murphy's Law seems to apply throughout through and through.
I understand your pain. The item you missed out on is cool to have. You should file a petition with Cryptic about it if you haven't already.

However, this episode has been out for over a month already now. Were you unable in all that time to complete it? Today I went through the entire Devidian arc twice to help my fleetmates complete it. I did this in three hours. Could you really not have found the time to do it even once?

I'm sure Cryptic will release the Devidian cane later on as a reward when Night of the Comet becomes repeatable. The one thing that an mmo playerbase will not tolerate is a situation of "haves" and "have-nots".

Originally Posted by Lucky_13_X
Son of a... *sigh* Server could stay down for all I care at this point.
Dude! Get some perspective: All you've missed out on is a damn cane that has a special attack every 3 minutes! You'd really give up on the whole game because of that?