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12-09-2010, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by Aris
A few moments before it blew up, it targeted your ship and decided to ram you. If you let it get close enough to you... BOOM. It's what a Klingon would do if you disabled his weapons, after all.
Oh crap. I think after all this rant, someone finally explained what happened. What in the world? I did not realize that was the thing that hit me. I was wondering what that "ramming" was all about as I don't have that option and there was no reason to ram me as i was losing the battle badly(I had respawnwed three times at that point just in this area alone).

So back to Cryptic. Why in the WORLD would you make a potentionally unavoidable storyline part of the mission something that can end the expierience completely for the player without any action at their part at all. I did not even blow up. My shields went down and i went down to 50% and heck did not even notice the ship had him me. I thought I had disable the ship at the beginning of the instance so how did someone so important get another, Geez. This is frustrating. I do not remember any ramming instances at all being mentioned as a part of this mision's storyline.

Thank You Aris. Apologies to all for my ranting. But it was better than doing something silly like screaming or hurling actually expletives at the forum for something that was somewhat mostly in my control.

however, i still remain slightly miffed at Cryptic and the mission's designer for this as it is a game killer to have something like this happen with NO player input or choice at all. Very dispointing after such a memorable experience up to that point.