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12-09-2010, 04:59 AM

Admiral Sorven Raises his Flag

Stardate 88545.54

Luna 1, Sol Starbase - Vice Admiral Utherr Sorven began moving into his new office at the Fontana Foundation's headquarters today and announced the official naming of the USS Rapture as the Fontana Foundation's newest flagship. The massive galaxy dreadnought class ship's crew of 1,000 donned their new uniforms and were briefed by senior officers on their new mission with the Foundation.

"I'm proud of the ship and of her crew and am confident that she'll be a great example to the rest of the foundation," said the Rapture's commanding officer, Commander Kort.

Admiral Sorven held office hours in his ready room aboard the Rapture while his new office at Luna 1 was being brought online. Visitors had the opportunity to tour some areas of the ship and sit in on a briefing titled, "Recent Borg Technology Improvements: The Designator Interface Circuit".

"It's a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with professionals such as the command staff and researchers of the Fontana Foundation," said Admiral Sorven. "The Admirals McFerran have advanced the Foundation to a point where our next milestone is a mere few steps around the corner. I expect to share the good news of upcoming accomplishments in good order."

The Admiral offered additional clarification that he has received a promotion to Vice Admiral along with his orders assigning him to the Fontana Foundation, but would be refraining from wearing his rank pips until he had the chance to receive them personally from Vice Admiral Daniel Langston, a close personal friend and colleague.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to Yeoman Morris at the office of the Director of Strategic and Tactical Operations, Luna 1, Sol Starbase.