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12-09-2010, 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by Commander_JMonkey View Post
The only thing I can agree with you is that there should be more original ships, maybe player designed?

Otherwise I couldn't disagree more with everything else. We should never be able to own a Borg Cube, just no.
But we are able to play a Liberated Borg and have a Liberated Borg BO
I think it is just logical to be able to own a liberated Borg ship (maybe a small sphere or a diamond) lol

But just to put my own wishes in order.

1) T6 ship to be original 25th century style.
2) Lifetime Membership to have their own T6 exclusive ship, a multipurpose one with neutral BOs.
3) For Atari/Cryptic to readjust the subscription cost for Canadians (our dollar is almost at part not at .88 cent)

That is it