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# 1 Trek 2009 in STO
12-09-2010, 07:23 AM
I've been thinking about making this thread for a while. There are people who hate the direction abrams has taken with the latest film. Nevertheless, the story is intergrated in the game. Romulus is destroyed and spock takes responsibility. But this is not a thread about story intergration or whether you liked or disliked the latest film. I want to appeal to those who loved the gear, uniforms, ships and numerous other details of the film and want to see them ingame.
The utility belt with the 2009 phaser, I think it will fit very well in STO. The kelvin class would make a great addition. Give female players those new uhura skirts ^^. I've also been suggesting that the design of the upcoming Enterpise F should resemble the 2009 enterprise. I was thinking of a cross between the Ambassador class and the 2009.
The transporter effects of the latest film were beautiful, I'd like to see those ingame. The cadet uniforms look great and I know there are some people who want them. I also noticed that in the final scene, the uniform pike is wearing when gets relieved, resembles the TMP uniform very closely. Spock's time ship, with the spinning nacelle, don't know how to fit it in yet but the storyline of the game allows it to be ingame. Also it would be a very nice addition to the current ship fx effects.
The klingon helmets, seen in the deleted scene at the klingon penal conoly are awesome. I haven't got a KDF character but I'll root for the klingons till they get these.

But if we have to start somewhere: The utility belt with a holstered phaser, with the right stun/kill swiitch. We haven't got holstered phasers yet, I've been wanting them for a long time, but maybe it's an idea to start with this one.

Share your thoughts and or exchange more trek 2009 ideas for sto