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12-09-2010, 06:31 AM
There are many situations and moments in PvP that I could post here but there is one that seems to stand out the most in my mind and I will never forget it.
Cap and Hold - I had spent the better part of 2 hours doing cap and holds against klingons and as usual the Fed PuGs were particularly bad that day. I was continualy placing number one in damage on my team and 80% of the time #1 overall, but to no avail, we just kept losing match after match.
End of the last match I was feeling humiliated and emotionaly drained, my team had just been destoyed by a carrier supported by four BoP's, the match was 549 klings to 118 feds and they had 3 flags to our 2 and were entrenched at the center of the map, there seemed no way to win now.
I got ****ED at the prospect of yet another loss.
I waited for everything to come off cooldown at the respawn and blasted my Eng/Excel back towards the carrier group.
No way I'm going down this time.
I came in weapons hot and warp plasma'd the whole group in one pass, as I passed my targets one BoP was already dead from my HYT, the other BoPs just sat there stunned, I could see them hit HE to escape the plasma, I popped Aux to Damp and Hit APO, popped EPTS and RSF and went straight back at the rest of the group antiprotons blazing and BAM, took out yet another BoP just escaping the plasma, the last BoP was clear and had me in his sights.
He threw everything but the kitchen sink at me but I went broadside on him with a full sheild facing and there is nothing that can survive for very long once that happens, he was incinerated trying to battlecloak.
Now I'm left with just a carrier and his pets blazing away on my now severely weakened shields but, all my offensive skills were off cooldown, I popped all of them and supergased the carrier and all his pets, I hit HE and PH with no shields left to speak of and within 10 seconds I torched that carrier.
Thats 4 on 1 folks and I came out the winner.
My anger at the day in PvP had given my team the chance to capture the third flag and we wound up winning that match by 54 to 0.
I Love PvP :-)