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I play STO casually, to the point that i just got enough Computer Core fragments today to play Salvage Dispute. I was so happy. Then i played the mission, and i failed because i went around destroying all the turrets in preperation for attacking the Cardassian base, and the ship warped out. My own damn fault.

At this point i was still fine, i thought that i could just restart the mission, but no, turns out that in order to restart the mission, i need another 10 computer cores. a months work, wasted. the real kicker is that exam time for me is coming up, and today was my day to play STO, after this, my STO playing is going to be a lot more inconsistent, and i'm so frustrated and angry with myself that i'm actually about to go out on a walk to take my mind off things (It's minus -11 C right now).

Sorry for the ramble, but what i guess what i'm trying to say, that if we do get all 10 fragments, can you at least let us play the mission until we've succeeded in finishing it? If that were the case, I would have taken that failure with a laugh and not be banging my head against my desk right now.