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12-09-2010, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by MavrykDH View Post
As far as I am aware, everything from that movie is owned by Paramount and not CBS, so Cryptic can't use it without getting a licence from them.

While I don't like the direction that movie went, far too many changes to be Trek for my liking (but as you said, this is not what the threads about.), there are a couple things I wouldn't mind seeing: first that comes to mind is the uniforms, the one thing I think they made modern well without taking away from the original that I would think Cryptics team could make to look stunning ingame.

No offence to anyone who liked it, but I'd hate to see that Enterprise in game, i'd rather see a miniature J (and I am against that completely) than to have that abomination in game. It looked horrid and I once compared it to putting a mini skirt on the Statue of Liberty to make it hip.... why not give her a smart phone too, it'd be only fitting?

This is how it should of looked: and I would be happy if that one made it ingame
That would have been a way better enterprise. The JJ-enterprise isnt bad, but this would have been 10x, or even 100x better!