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Originally Posted by Beary666 View Post
2) Bait: Klinks like to use bait. They'll send in 1 ship uncloaked to distract you while they set up, if some of the team runs after the bait at full impulse, even better, easy pickings (yum). So when you see that bait ship 1 of two things is happening. One, the rest of the klinks are setting up behind or around you, or two, bait is leading you into an ambush. Either way, don't follow, hold your position. This leads nicely into the next tip
Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

In the case of PvP - the 'bait' is almost always an idiot who jumped the gun and attacked before the team were in position. Same end result *do not chase* - if you do that we'll either hunt you down or attack whilst you're off chasing ghosts.