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# 153 v2.4.0c
12-09-2010, 11:03 AM
Okay, here's a new version available. Again, this is a version I tweaked with changes I want to see and not an official Patrician version (Patrician is of course free to use it as he see's fit though).

This version is mostly a behind the scenes tweaking. I wanted to make it easier to add equipment, in case of future updates to the game that include equipment with bonuses to any of the power settings. What I did was take the power bonus calculation for all equipment (ship type, consoles and so far Efficient Engines) and did the math in the Equipment Gains section on the lower right. Then changed the formula in the Raw Gains section to get the bonus power from the Equipment Gains sum instead of looking all over for it.

It cleans up the formulas a bit, and most importantly, if you want to add something that gave, as a made up example, +5 power to Sheilds and +5 Power to Aux, you only have to modify the Equipment Gains section in those two fields, instead of what was done for the Efficient engines and checking for it in 6 different formulas for each power (in other words, I would of had to change 12 fields instead of 2 to add the imaginary +Shield/Aux console mentioned above).

I also checked the Shield Regen tab to make sure I didn't break anything there, and it looks good, no changes were needed.

Download version 2.4.0c: