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12-09-2010, 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by Erg_Noor View Post
This explains alot to me why some are disapointed. Maybe I dident have this big expectations to begin with and was just to happy to be playing the Star trek world? I have some experienses with MMO RPG but not at the level some of you guys have, that could be another explenation to why I dont feel robbed. Im also a bit old compered to many players who probebly demand a very high standard compered to other MMOs etc. I grew up with Amiga 500 and comandore 64, Nintendo etc so compere to that both WoW and STO is nothing short of a mirical

However I still love the game and are extremly exited when it comes to the changes coming along with season 3, 4 and 5.

I hope you guys dont give up and that you stay with me to see STO grow up to be what you expected.

I have faith to belive, in STO
I used to twiddle my thumbs for fun as a kid, so any 3D mmo is short of a miracle, which is why I play them. But I am limited on time, and on money, as most of us are, so if I am going to play an MMO, it has to be worth my time. Not everyone has this rule set when playing MMO's, but I do. At least while I am still in my early 20's, maybe when I am ten or twenty years older I won't care, but for now I do. And it isn't that I feel robbed, I feel let down. Had they made this game as a non star trek MMO, it would have been fine. But if you are going to use an IP such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, etc, you can just slap together a game, put the Star Trek tag on it and expect everyone to play it because " well look it says star trek on it, it must be good!". I do like the game, I think it is a fun game. It is just not what I had hoped for, so I moved on.

It is like falling in love with a girl, then finding out she likes you. Then you finally get with her, it's a dream come true right? Then you catch her in bed with 4 of your best friends at the same time while destroying all of your Star Trek DVD's, even the collectors edition TOS full box set signed by Leonerd Nimoy and William Shatner. It would be hard to trust your girl after that wouldn't it? So I periodically check up on STO, as I am slowly "gaining my trust back" hoping they have implemented drastic changes to the game to make it better. I am sure over time STO will become a better game, but how long will it take? Another 6 months? 3 years? By then how many other games are going to be out? I want Star Trek Online to be good, but I am not going to wait around forever. If STO adopts a F2P model, hell yeah I would play in a heart beat!