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12-09-2010, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by Callasan View Post
Ye Ghods, another one that missed the memo, even though it's mentioned in the December Ask Cryptic.

There are TWO reasons why what you ask for won't happen in this game:

1) Licensing. Cryptic has the license to use the Star Trek trademark, and all imagess/characters/etc. from the parts of Star Trek that CBS holds the IP for. Those consist of:

a) All of the TV shows (TOS,TAS,TNG,DS9,Voyager, and Enterprise).
b) The movies that had been produced up to the point where Paramount became a separate entity form CBS. That means Star Trek I through Star Trek X ONLY.

Basically, Cryptic has the rights to use things from the original ST timeline, and SOME of the Expanded Universe through CBS' ownership of Pocket Books. That's why the Luna-class is in-game - the design was done for a Pocket-ran contest, and became the property of Pocket.

2) DOESN'T FIT. Just because something is branded Star Trek doesn't mean it has to be here...abd the items from the JJverse, being a COMPLETELY SEPARATE timelinewhose only point of connection with the main ST universe is one character - the older Spock - really doesn't belong here in STO. The events of Strar trek XI that are part of the main timeline are represented here - beyond that, Spock dropped off the face of the universe as far as this timeline is concerned. ANd before any horse manure about "time travel" - ST has only had one agency - numan or alien - crossing timelines. Linear time travel - yes. Time loops - yes. But actually accessing other timelines and bringing objets/ships/people into another one? That's Q, and only Q.

Remember the purpose of Star Trek XI, please. Yes, it had a purpose beyond just making money. It was a reboot of the series as a whole. A way to continye making Star Trek movies with fresh faces and ideas, so that Paramount could continue milking the cash cow (with the original actors aging or dead, a new appeal to youth was needed). As such, again, ST XI beyond the wormhole has no place in STO, as the universe that had that stuff NEVER EXISTED IN THE GAME'S TIMELINE, NOR IS CRYPTIC GOING TO BE ABLE TO AFFORD A LICENSE FROM PARAMOUNT ANY TIME SOON. Get it? Dstahk even said as much in the December Ask Cryptic, when asked about Atar Trek XI uniforms!

My god, you do get a kick out of making your point. You must understand that if one person posts the fact that it can't be done because paramount owns the rights the discussion is done. Please take the time you took to write it to understand the idea behind me suggesting it. Harmless. Not demanding. You don't have to treat me like I did not understand the purpose of the latest movie, nor capslock your point.

Also the idea of carrieing our phasers holstered remains. If anything we can return to that.