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12-09-2010, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by Roxbad
In all my ranting, much of it done as counter-counter-arguing, I should occasionally note that if, I didn't like the game or the franchise, I wouldn't be putting time in on the Holodeck or the Forums. (although, honestly, I had to come to the forums to find any useful version of a Player's Manual)

However, like a special friend who won't do that one thing I need, no matter how much I care about them, I'll end up resenting them for it.

What's been done on Tribble, in just the short time I've been in game, shows me that the Dev Team is willing to actually write some code to make a better game. Kudos.
I never doubted the fact that the Dev team has the betterment of STO in mind.
Thier methods -maybe.
Thier actions- sure.
Thier motives- not really.
Thier love for the game- never a doubt.
If they'll ever give into fanfaction unreasonable demands I've seen in these forums - constantly, but so far they have stuck to thier guns where it counts.