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12-09-2010, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by Quiskota
My god, you do get a kick out of making your point. You must understand that if one person posts the fact that it can't be done because paramount owns the rights the discussion is done. Please take the time you took to write it to understand the idea behind me suggesting it. Harmless. Not demanding. You don't have to treat me like I did not understand the purpose of the latest movie, nor capslock your point.
Being that the same request has been made many times before on the Forums, I felt the point needed to be enpathized a bit. Since you missed the memo, that is - and even Dstahl had mentioned it in more than one Ask Cryptic. So, it had been mentioned already, yet you still felt the need to make the OP in the first place. No need to try to reprimand me when the OP showed you missed all that.

Also the idea of carrying our phasers holstered remains. If anything we can return to that.
Phasers "holstered"? Depends on which show you are talking about here...

TOS: Pieces of Velcro were used underneath the uniform shirts.
TAS: Fictionally, the same as TOS - no visible holsters.
Movies: Some did, some didn't.
TAS: Type-1 Dustbusters, yes. Others not necessarily, especially larger ones.DS9/Voyager/Enterprise: Ya, varying on model/type of weapon involved.

So, when you say "return to that", which are you referring to? If we go back to TOS, there aren't any. TNG varied, and later ones did.