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# 1 Low Disk Space
12-09-2010, 06:16 PM
Some time ago I noticed that the constant STO patches were taking up a lot of space on my hard drive, so I decided to install STO on my 1 TB external disk and delete it from my main hard drive. However, when I put STO on the external disk, a separate copy of STO was automatically installed by the launcher on the main hard drive as well. Now with the Season 3 patch, there's barely 500 MB of space on my main hard drive. My question is, if I delete the hard drive copy of STO (again) but keep it on the external, will STO work properly, or will the launcher try to place another copy on the main drive?
This also raises another potential problem for many players. The update patches are very much appreciated, but each time a new one comes out, the game gets bigger. So imagine a brand new player buys the game right now hoping he can get on tonight. First he'll have to wait a few hours for all the updates to be downloaded and installed. He may even have to free up more drive space than he counted on. How long will a complete download of updates take after season 4 or 5? This could eventually become a big problem.