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12-09-2010, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by castmodean View Post
And you know its funny, never in the times I finished the mission with my various alts did B'Vat ever successfully ram anything at all. I actually wasn't sure if he actually did anything at all after he said that, but usually he was off in the distance and I rarely made a point of firing anything at him just to be safe as well.
He rammed me and blew up when I was playing my Klingon alt. Usually he's far away or I can just evasive maneuvres away. But I was playing on advanced and got so many injuries that my engines were disabled and I couldn't move. So that's how he managed to fly up and ram me. :p

When I replayed I made sure I brang along some components to repair myself this time. Not having any engines was a nightmare!