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12-09-2010, 06:53 PM
One thing I would like to see is a revamp on mission replay.

I like how they have made it so you have to use your ready room to access it but I was thinking of a way to make it "more Star Trek" as stated as a goal in the latest Ask Cryptic.

What I was thinking was say you access the mission you want to replay then the computer gives you a message, "Mission loaded, report to Holodeck 1". Then you would have you leave your bridge and head to a new room on your crew deck holding a Holodeck based on the size of your interior, im thinking TNG/Large, Voyager/Medium, Holosweet/Small of course all federation style updated for 2405 but just as a general size reference.

Then when in the holodeck you have the option of choosing mission simulation (orignal difficulty) or traning mission (scaling difficulty) before the holodeck would load the simulation. Then just use a holodeck loading screen as the map loads both in game and in universe untill the simulation starts and your droped into the first section of the mission be it space or ground combat.

It may require some reworking of some of the missions that have you warp into sector space to location after location (looking specifically at the arbitrary sector space jumping defri mission ) but I think it would be a really nice touch.