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12-09-2010, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by Simeet View Post
So many of us have ideas as to what Cryptic should do with ship interiors, now that season 3 is out the door and the Foundry is almost up.

There are a lot of ways ship interiors can get even better than what it is. For one thing, I hope to see more bridge options, perhaps functionality and customizability (with perhaps is coming with Foundtry), Live windows (seeing planets and stars and nebula outside windows instead of a black screen), observation lounge connected to bridge, etc. etc.

I think ship interiors have the potential to really make STO rock!

What do you want to see next for ship interiors in season 4-5?
What you are probably going to see down the line is (in no particular order):
1) Foundry gets the ability to use you ship interior as a mission setting and you can set your own stories on your ship, like they have in most episodes of the TV show e.g. TNG's "Disaster"

2) Season 4 or 5 you'll get the Poker minigame added to the lounge and then suddenly there wiil be STO poker nights where players invite each other over for poker matches. Or maybe they will make it so that you can play solo against your NPC bridge crew? I think that would be more interesting...

3) Foundry gets the ability to let you custom build your own ship interior using its interior design tools. Probably Season 6 stuff here.

4) Season 5 you will get to see your crew in your ship interior. Following the upgrades to the crew management system in Season 4 where you get to pick your chief medical officer, etc, and add in random crew members to "slots" you will get to actually see them in Season 5 when they hook that info into the NPC spawns in your ship.

5) Season 6+ beyond, they will actually put in a holodeck set for your interior and move the mission replay there from your ready room because it makes more sense that a "simulation" replay of your past missions is happening there instead of in your ready room.

6) They finally add in the observation lounge as a room on your ship instead of being some random place you beam in and out of during first contacts or when talking to Deferi ambassadors.

7) Probably in 2012... they finally get around to fixing that annoying "Beam off the bridge" thing to return to your ship view.