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12-09-2010, 08:18 PM
There's a Tutorial for Radio Buttons and Check Boxes here:

It's not exactly something you can just see and figure out how it was implemented. It's a bit clunky I think, since they don't actually reside inside a cell, but I think I implemented them in an decent way. My main goal was to make it easier to toggle values so you can decide how important a skill or device is by seeing the results with and without it quickly.

The latest version I made ship selection available by a drop down, but I don't think its overall better because, while it's nice to choose "Battle Cruiser" instead of looking at the key, and typing in BC, I don't really like the way the drop down boxes are working. When I click on a cell with a drop down box, I want it to expand automatically and allow me to choose my selection with a mousewheel, or arrow key, and that doesn't work. :| So as far as Ship Selection as a Drop Down List Box, I'm on the fence about that.

The data validation is nice though, because you don't have to check to make sure it's right in the formula, but as far as drop down functionality, it's not as smooth as I'd like.

EDIT: Also, all the latter versions have changes from the previous versions. I just kept a and b available in case there was something about the latest change(s) that you didn't like. So, c currently has all the changes I've implemented.