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12-10-2010, 03:13 AM
Originally Posted by capn_pickles View Post
They "could" do that. But it'd be more interesting to have them add the K'Vort as a new ship. Adding it as a new ship wouldn't trample the folks that like the B'rel as is, and would give KDF players an additional ship to choose from.
Originally Posted by Serpieri View Post
Just pointing out that it is canon and cryptic did it for balance.

K'Vort must have the same BO Layout as the Excelsior. A tac oriented cruiser.
Well the K'Vort should be still a BoP; wich means Universal slots and Battle cloak. And I wouldnt know where to take away things to build him.
The B'rel lost hull and an console for that enhanced bc.... I dont see where to take away Hull to make him a K'Vort.

IF they make it an own ship It came to my mind to give it a special ability "kind of" like the Galaxy retrofit. Of Course the shouldnt be anything to seperate, but may be an ability to switch between a more heavy shieldet ship with less fire power and less maneuverability with wings up and.... well the "normal" bop build with wings down. (Like the G-retofits balltle-scection wich is more maneuverable and has more firepower without the saucer)
But after all, I still thing it should be a simple ship costume for the Hegh'ta.

And for a Klingon version of the Excelsior I still thing the K'tinga would be the better choice; it was constructet about the same time the Excelsior was build, it was more or less the same size, non canon sources keep telling us that the Excelsior was build to have a ship en par with the K'tinga. The K'Vort is the wrong one for that purpose i believe.