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12-10-2010, 05:30 AM
Originally Posted by Alkeda View Post
Dear Santa,

Unlike Guntharr I have been a bad Klingon. I have plundered the galaxy in an orgy of death and disrupter fire.
Sounds like a good Klingon to me^^

Originally Posted by Alkeda View Post
1) I'm a Klingon Starship Captain. I should be able to go anywhere I choose. If the pathetic feds wish to stop me from attacking Sol system then they should be in the neutral zone defending instead of shopping for uniforms on the Cstore.

2) The ability for Fleets to capture starbases and even systems

3) Prisoners for my brig. To ransom, torture or kill depending on my mood

4) content that takes place inside my ship.

5) improved pvp match maps.
1 true..
2 and 5 should be the same issue...
3 would make a nice "uniqe trophy system" for klings... on the other hand.... since when do klingons take prisoners?
4 that should come for all factions..