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12-10-2010, 06:12 AM
When you first start pick everything up from Earth Space dock (speak top every npc especially the ones with 'q's) then as u leave sol system u are then in whats called sector space.

(i'm guessing you know this part but i'll ad it anyway)

Choose a mission from your log, it will tell you where you need to vulcan system / starbase 24 etc...somewhere like that, once you've read where you need to go open your map with 'm'. and either:
a) look for the system you need to head to and click it, it will pop up asking if you want to navigate to that system just say yes and off you go. or,
b) if you cannot find it right away go to system list tab and find it in the list and repeat as above.

Once you've done this a few times you'll get around faster and learn where things are, and everytime you level hail starfleet and check what new missions are available whilst you are in space. (as you do not always need to head back to earth space every time.

Basically your map is your way forward, even once you enter systems and it says stuff like scan the satellites or something, you will usually see white circles on the zone map and thats where you need to head, either that or use 'v' to scan for places you need to head to (this will also give you craftable stuff locations too),

hope that helps a bit

also check this stickied thread for some online star chart maps etc very handy

i use to use this for quests if needed too don't know how up to date it is now though.